All Events will be held at the
Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, CO


Thursday, August 23, 2018

1:00pm to 4.30pmExtra Fee – Advanced Marketing Intensive Workshop
5:00pm to 6.30pmFREE to attendees – Author BookFest sponsored by Thomson-Shore
6.30pm to ? Grand Opening and Dinner with the Exhibitors




August 23, 2018 – AuthorYOU Extravaganza®

VIP PRE-Extravaganza

Advanced Book Marketing Breakthroughs Intensive
with John Kremer, Kathy Meis and Judith Briles

1:00pm to 4.30pm

John Kremer

Kathy Meis

Judith Briles


  • John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book, and a master when it comes to getting a billion plus eyeballs on your books;
  • Kathy Meis, visionary behind Bublish and a master at alternative distribution, building book buzz and author branding;
    How a Strong Author Brand Can Power Boost Your Book Marketing Responsible for helping thousands of authors around the world build their brand and boost their book sales, Kathy Meis—the founder of Bublish—will show you how to discover and position your unique author brand and craft an effective brand message for your target audience. The result? Authentically engaged fans and more book sales!In her session, she’ll be answering the question: what is an author brand and why is it important.
    She’ll show you:

    • She’ll show you how to research author brands in your genre
    • How to discover and position your own unique author brand
    • How to craft an effective brand message for your target market and computers (with metadata)
  • Judith Briles, author of 36 books including How to Create Your $1,000,000 Speech, Author YOU, and a master at book publishing and speaking on your book.Got Book?
    Now, Create a Speech that Generates a $1,000,000 and More! Speaking sells books—lots of them. Savvy authors learn quickly that hoping book buyers find theirs on Amazon or in any other bookstore may be wishful thinking. They learn and embrace the old-fashioned “face-to-face” approach: have a meaningful message; create insight and magic with their words offering entertainment, encouragement or solutions; and woot—book sales pour forth. Immediately and with payment. Speaking: the golden key to book sales.• How to create a title that attracts meeting planners and audiences.
    • How to pitch yourself to the decision maker.
    • How to move from “free” to fee and get paid.
    • How to identify your key points and create stories to engage an audience;
    • How to coattail on current events within your presentation;
    • How to hook an audience within the first few minutes of a presentation.
    • How to morph a speech to a workshop, webinar or online course.
    • How to find groups that want your message; and
    • How to create a closing that delivers a buzz.

Woot! … all in the same room on the same day at the same time! Book Marketing Breakthroughs will mount as the reveal a variety of strategies and show you how to implement to take you and your book marketing to the next, next level of sales success.

Registration: $175
includes a preferred seat in the audience for the AuthorYOU Book Pitch,
the Grand Opening and Dinner.


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