at the AuthorYOU Extravaganza

August 23-25, 2018


There are a limited number of spots available with three-quarters already sold out. Site is the Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Expected attendance is 200 and usually comes from 20 different states plus Canada and Mexico.

You Get
1. Listing with description within the printed Workbook that all attendees receive—includes description of your services, logo, and contact info.
2. You get fed main meals!
3. Room rates are locked in at $135 a night-(regular is $170).
4. Parking fees at the hotel are included in room rate for our event.
5. We have AMPLE Exhibit space – you will get up to 9 feet to play within.
6. You are set up within the General Session room … we have 5,500 square feet this year!
7. Awesome Authors and Indie/Small Press Publishers whose goal is to be seriously successful.
8. List of all attendees, with their emails, post event.
9. Sponsors may be invited to present a workshop during the Extravaganza.

Author and Book Publishing Breakthroughs

AuthorYOU is about building community with authors who desire to be seriously successful. This year’s theme focuses on Join us for this intense, education and highly interactive 3-day event August 23-25, 2018. There are two VIP sessions. Thursday afternoon will deliver an afternoon Advanced Book Marketing Breakthroughs and post the Extravaganza, there will be an Editing/Writing Breakthrough AM session.


$750 for returning Exhibitors until August 10th for Early Bird, and then the cost will go to $850 after June 1
$900 for first time Exhibitors, which will go to $1050 after June 1

Includes your meals (Breakfast on Thursday; Dinner on Friday night; Breakfast Friday and Saturday; Lunch Friday and Saturday) … you know that we feed you well.


Thursday: 6.30 pm to 9:00 pm … We will have station dinner within the Exhibit area only.
Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm … It’s a long day … and very fun night.
Saturday:  7:00 am to 1:30 pm … Wall will close and you can start break down—NO Breakdowns before.
Set up in the afternoon on Wednesday … all completed by evening.


Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge CO.
Address: 620 Village Rd, Breckenridge, CO 80424
(970) 453-6000

There is a special rate shuttle service between Denver International Airport and the resort. The Author YOU Group room rates are $135 through August 15th and then released if not sold out prior to that date — discount from $178.

Reserve your room online by clicking here
Enter Rate code: 50V9BP


Travel into Denver International Airport
Travel times: If you are attending 2 days only: Aug 24-25, travel on the 23rd … we start bright and early on the 24th and plan on flying out on the 26th.

If you are attending all 4 days, it’s suggested you travel in on the 22nd and relax on the AM of the 23rd and get ready for the first session starting at 1 PM.
Don’t plan on any airtime until 3 pm on the 26th.

Fly into DIA-Denver International Airport. We will have a discount code to take the Colorado Mountain Express to the resort … or you can rent a car—it’s less than 90 minutes and a beautiful drive in the summer.

Many of the Exhibitors plan on coming in a few days early to visit customers (encourage them to attend the Extravaganza).



PLATINUM SPONSORS get an extra Ad in Extravaganza Workbook, signage at activity and on posters throughout event, separate flyer in attendee bags and opportunity to do a two-minute short-pitch commercial on stage in addition to being introduced Friday AM before first break. You will get a separate banner with just your logo/info you supply plus featured on the website.

Author PitchFEST: $7,500 (SOLD to Thomson Shore)
15 authors-to-be pitch their manuscripts for a complete publishing package.

GOLD SPONSOR Opportunities

GOLD Sponsors get an exhibitor table, an extra Ad in Extravaganza Workbook (Lunch, Dinner, Rounds with Pros), signage at activity and on posters throughout event, separate flyer in attendee bags and opportunity to do a two-minute short-pitch commercial on stage in addition to being introduced Friday AM before first break. You will get a separate banner with just your logo/info you supply plus featured on the website.

Extravaganza Workbooks: $2,500 (Sold to Ship Your Books)
All the handouts from Speakers, Exhibitor info, and you get to design the back cover.

Meet the Exhibitors Dinner Thursday: $2,500
All attendees will “meet” the Exhibitors and be encourage to start making appointments.

Friday Night Dinner and Entertainment: $3000

Lunch – Friday: $2,500
Lunch – Saturday: $2,500
Wi-Fi for sessions: $2,500

SILVER SPONSOR Opportunities

SILVER Sponsors could have their names and logos walking around during and after the conference or be part of the buzz! Your Exhibitor booth is included.

Rounds with the Pros and Pre-Dinner Music, Crudités and a Touch of Vino Friday: $1,750
The high-energy Rounds with the Pros is a jammed packed last session on Friday afternoon … then graze through the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame Auction items and get ready. Of course, you will be one of the featured pros.

VIP Advanced Book Marketing Session: $1,750
VIP Advanced Editing/Writing Session: $1,750

Continental Breakfast – Friday: $2,000
Continental Breakfast – Saturday: $2,000

The Wall of Wine: $1,750
Some lucky attendee is going to walk away with several cases of wine. This benefits The Authors Hall of Fame … we are very excited—you will be too!

Name wallet badges: $1,750 (SOLD to Total Printing)

Attendees will be wearing your logo when you sponsor the name wallet badges.

Swag Bags for attendees: $1,750 (SOLD to The Book Shepherd)

Attendees will be carrying bags with your logo when you sponsor the Swag Bags

Agent Pitch Time: $1,750

BRONZE SPONSOR Opportunities

BRONZE Sponsors: Ideal for people who want a little extra promotion, or who are unable to attend the event in person but would still like to be a part of the buzz and market their services to our engaged attendees.

Dedicated eBlast to All Registrants: $700
Limited availability.

Sponsor a Speaker: $ 750
Airfare and Room for the Extravaganza

Swag Bag Insert: $ 500
Add an item to the Swag Bags, given out to all attendees. (You supply the materials.) Perfect for businesses unable to attend the event in person.

Fliers on the Vendor Information Table: $200
Perfect for businesses unable to attend the event in person. (You provide the materials)

Water: $ 500
High altitude requires lots of water … extra bottles for all

Ready to commit? Let’s do it … NOW!

A phone call or email will hold your sponsor spot.
Contact Judith Briles at 303-885-2207, Judith@Briles.com
or Bobby Crew at 303-257-2748, Bobby@AuthorU.org to secure your spot. It’s GO-GO-GO time!

Beaver Run Resort
the Town … the Mountain … the Location
Breckenridge, CO


Notice of Photography, Audio and Video Recording:
When you attend the AuthorYOU Extravaganza®, you enter an area where photography, audio and video recording may and will occur.

By entering the Extravaganza event and site, you consent to such photography and recording and to its release, publication, exhibition, reproduction, distribution, and use for news, sale, educational, promotional, advertising, and sale purposes and to its inclusion on and distribution through websites and in hard copy formats. By entering the AuthorYOU Extravaganza®, you consent to the use of your image and voice, to the extent they appear in audio and/or video recordings and photographs when taken. In addition, you waive all rights you may have to any claims in connection with any use of recordings and photographs, regardless of the purpose or sponsoring AuthorYOU activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with the Extravaganza organizers.